Spring Break Special

By: Abigail Foster

With Spring’s timely arrival, sunny days seem to be here to stay! A little optimism never hurt anyone, right? At SKYN Lounge, we are celebrating with a Spring Break Special. With every combined purchase of SkinCeuticals’ C + E Ferulic and a sunscreen of your choice, you’ll receive a complimentary SkinCeuticals Beach Tote!

Spring Break Special

Before you head South with your new tote bag in tow, pause for a few tips you’ll need to know prior to exposing your skin to harsh rays:

  • Protect – Don’t sink your toes in the sand without lathering on an effective Broad Spectrum Sunscreen. We recommend SkinCeuticals’ Physical Fusion UV Defense for at the beach and every day wear. As a Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 50, it defends and protects as a full coverage sunscreen. Even more, Physical Fusion’s tinted formula adapts to all skin tones for an everyday glow and enhanced natural tone.

  • Prevent  – For ultimate protection from sun damage, apply SkinCeuticals C + E Ferulic before your layer of sunscreen. Why the extra precaution? C + E Ferulic delivers advanced protection against environmental aggressors, such as damaging sunlight. As a bonus, you’ll notice an improved appearance in fine lines, wrinkles and a brightened tone.

  • Hydrate Well – Meet your new best friend – H2O. You’ve heard it before, but it can’t be stressed enough! Drinking plenty of water is your body’s way of defending your skin from the inside out.