Luzern Oxygen Facial Event

Experience Luzern Labs at our Oxygen Facial Event on Thursday, January 25th. The event is all day, so no appointments are necessary. You can experience the new Oxygen Facial services that we offer or come to our At-Home Facial Lab and learn how to perform a luxurious facial from the comfort of your home!

Plus, we will have up to 20% off Luzern Products and $20 off Luzern services. We hope to see you there!

Oxygen Facial Event

2017 Skincare Resolutions

Let’s make 2017 the Year of Healthy Skin!

Our Favorite Skincare Trends for 2017: 

  • Tailor Made Services –  At SKYN Lounge, our licensed estheticians are trained to identify your skin type and recommend a protocol that is as unique as your skin type! Add-ons like chemical peels, dermaplaning and LED Light Therapy help to further customize your experience.
  • Instantaneous Booking – We’re all in for the integration of wellnessand technology. Did you know that we book online? Try it today by following this link
  • Pollution Solution – Recent research has revealed the damaging effects that pollution and an excess of UVA/UVB exposure have on our skin. SkinCeuticals offers a pollution solution to all in the form of a daily dose of Vitamin C. You can find both of SkinCeuticals’ antioxidants –  C E Ferulic and Phloretin CF at SKYN Lounge!

3 Masks to Instantly Firm, Plump and Hydrate this Fall

By: Abigail Harrison

While refreshing, fall’s crisp air can also take a toll on your skin. Harsh winds and cooler temperatures can compromise your skin’s natural barrier resulting in a dull, lackluster complexion. Masks are a quick, fun, and effective way to restore your skin’s moisture levels as an add on to any skincare service or at home. To celebrate Healthy Skin Month in November, included below are SKYN Lounge’s favorite masks:

  1. Carita’s Plumping Sheet Mask – Ideal for the on-the-go lifestyle, this Korean beauty favorite is a quick remedy for dehydrated skin. Slide on after landing for a glowing and radiant skin before you land. (Can be added on to any skincare treatment for $35)
  2. Carita’s Supreme Wrinkle Solution Eye Patches – Banish dark circles and under-eye bags with some intentional TLC. De-puff and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles in the delicate under-eye area with Carita’s Supreme Wrinkle Solution Eye Patches. (Can be added on to any skincare treatment for $25)
  3. Carita’s 24k Gold Gem Mask – Our ultimate anti-aging treatment uses precious metals to instantly lift, firm and plump skin for a fuller appearance. This in-office only mask is ideal for addressing anti-aging concerns and pairs well with our Carita facials or LED Light Therapy. (Can be added on to any skincare treatment for $35)

Want to take your beauty routine to the next level? Layering masks to address multiple skincare concerns is a trendy among beauty bloggers and beyond. Mix and match masks for an accessible at-home treatment between skincare visits. Be sure to tell us your favorite combination!





What to Expect During a Facial

By: Abigail Foster

Happy First Day of Fall! If you’ve never had a facial before, this treatment is a great start improving your skin’s overall health. Essential to every facial, the facial massage activates oxygen and blood flow to the face – stimulating collagen production for a natural, healthy glow. Our range of facials remedy the concerns of each unique skin type:

  1. SKYN Lounge Signature Facial – Our signature treatment combines the exfoliating benefits of the Dermafiling process with the anti-aging properties of Vitamins C, E, and B5 to max out moisture levels. Includes a complete hand, shoulder, arm, and scalp massage with a relaxing ending ritual. -$115
  2. Carita Facials – Choose from Cotton for sensitive skin, Lagoon for ultimate hydration or Lisse Supreme for anti-aging. Our signature CARITA treatments feature the legendary Renovator process – a form of mechanical and manual exfoliation that reveals more radiant and youthful skin. The Renovator’s formula combines the TLC of Thyme, Lemon , Clove and Sunflower Seeds to smooth and blur fine lines and wrinkles. -$120-135
  3. Acne Facial – This cleansing treatment combines a salicylic granular scrub, clarifying clay mask, and a non-clogging moisturizer to treat oily or problematic skin types. Perfect for teens. – $70

Facial Enhancements

For an enhanced treatment, we offer additional services to further improve your skin’s health:

  1. Light Therapy – Brighten up! LightStim technology uses LED light therapy to deliver light energy in a similar way plants absorb light energy from the sun. LightStim emits UV-free, beneficial light rays that energize cells and stimulate the body’s natural process to build new proteins and regenerate cells – leaving your skin with a natural, healthy glow.   – $70, can be added on to any skincare service for $25 
  2. Dermaplane – Enjoy smooth, radiant skin. A new form of manual exfoliation, this treatment uses a blade to minimize acne scarring, improve texture and tone, and remove hair or “peach fuzz.” – $90, can be added on to any existing skincare service for $35
  3.  Smooth-Out Eye Treatment – De-puff and re-hydrate the delicate under eye area with a specifically formulated treatment. – Can be added on to any existing skincare service for $35
  4. CARITA Mask – Lift, firm and plump with Carita’s Plumping Sheet Mask or 24k Gold Mask. Instantly plumps skin for a more fuller appearance.  – Can be added on to an skincare service for $35.

CARITA’S 24k Gold Gem Mask 

Four Beauty Trends for Fall

By: Abigail Foster

With September’s timely arrival, there is so much to look forward to in fall! Fall wardrobes, pumpkin infused recipes and fall beauty trends are on the top of my list. Amp up your fall look with these hot trends: 

  • Contour – Sculpt your favorite features with a contour technique. Our Contour brush is perfectly crafted to aid in application of our ZenSKYN Contour Duo Palette. Try Afternoon Delight, First Crush or Pick-Up Artist.
  • Nude Lips – This autumn, a nude pout is all the rage. Store away all of your bright summer glosses, the moody lip of 2016 is all natural. Try our ZenSKYN Luxury Lip Gloss in Truffle for a neutral lip with a splash of sparkle.
  • Rose Gold – Metallic accents continue to sweep the aesthetics of 2016 in full force. Our resident favorite, Rose Gold Radiant Blush Highlighter brings a rosy disposition to your cheekbones.

5 Summer Tips for the Make-Up Minimalist

By: Abigail Foster

Let your natural beauty shine this summer! Follow these five tips for the make-up minimalist:

  • Eyelash Tinting – Say goodbye to clumpy lashes and hello to eyelash tinting! No need to bother with Waterproof mascara, your tint will stay on even in water – ideal for days spent lakeside and poolside. This semi-permanent service can be expected to keep your lashes looking bold for a few weeks.
  • Stay Protected – After you cleanse, tone, and apply a Vitamin C serum, apply SkinCeuticals’ Physical Fusion SPF 50 to protect against environmental damage. This broad spectrum sunscreen features a universal tint that blends beautifully with your natural skin tone – providing the coverage you love without an additional foundation.
  • Shape Up – Tame unruly brows with a wax and pro-shape at SKYN Lounge! Our Aestheticians take great care to craft your arches to your preference. Looking for fuller brows without the hassle of filling them in? We can also tint your brows to match your natural coloring!
  • Gloss – If smokey eyes aren’t your go-to standard, adapt a bold lip. Subtle eyes and a glossy pout always complete a classic summertime look. Slide on one of our vibrant ZenSKYN Luxury Glosses in Vivid Dream, Blossom Rose or Vivid Energy for an everyday pop of color.


  • Bronzer/Blush Duo – Contour made easy! For effortless application, sweep on your bronzer and blush from one palette! Our ZenSKYN Bronzer/Blush Duo comes in several bright shades for a lovely summer glow.

Why Do I Need a Vitamin C Serum?

By: Abigail Foster

Vitamin C serums have been flooding the beauty market in 2016 – each promising miracle-level results. So, what’s the secret? Do they really work? With Skin Cancer Awareness month drawing to a close, an ideal way to practice prevention is with the daily use of a Vitamin C serum. Our Vitamin C serums in residence at SKYN Lounge are Skinceuticals’ C E Ferulic & Phloretin C F. And yes, they really do work. Here is what you can expect:

  •  Enhanced Protection – With the combined use of C E Ferulic or Phloretin CF and a broad spectrum SPF, you will be protected with a double defense against UVA/UVB rays and atmospheric aging. Why use both? Think of the Vitamin C serum like OJ for your skin – it penetrates deep for maximum protection. Once absorbed, the Vitamin C serum will remain effective for 72 hours! We do recommend daily application of 3-5 drops on your face, neck and chest.


Pictured above: Hydrating B5 Gel (another favorite from SkinCeuticals), Phloretin CF & C E Ferulic.

  • Brighten & Tighten — SkinCeuticals’ special formulation features brightening ingredients that promote a more youthful complexion. As the formula neutralizes dangerous free radicals, it aids in the appearance of firmness, fine lines and wrinkles!

Not sure which one is for you?

We suggest Phloretin CF for normal to oily skin types and C E Ferulic for normal to dry skin types.

Derby Day Glow: Skin Essentials

By: Abigail Foster

Before the trumpet calls, prep your skin for a Derby Day glow! While most all attention is focused on the Derby Day outfit: the dress, shoes and carefully coiffed hat, at SKYN Lounge we understand that it’s what’s under the brim that counts the most.


Our recommendations for treatments that you can do now:

  • Brighten Up – If glowing gorgeous skin is your goal, try an Obagi Blue Peel Radiance. This stellar peel not only reveals a more even tone and texture, but it will do so quickly. With little to no downtime after the peel, you won’t have to wait long to see results.
  • Hydrate – Restore your skin’s hydration levels after a long winter with a facial from our luxury European line – Carita. You’ll spend 1 hr. 15 min. in the care of our Licensed Aestheticians as they perform a relaxing treatment catered to your skin’s needs. Choose from Carita’s Lisse Supreme Facial for ultimate anti-wrinkle ad anti-aging benefits, Cotton Softess Facial to soothe sensitive skin and reduce redness, or the Lagoon Hydration Facial for an all-over hydrated appearance with a brightened tone and texture.
  • Pro-Shape – Have you booked your pre-Derby wax and tint yet? Pro-shape those brows into place! Well shaped eyebrows are the secret to a framed face.
  • Made Up – Leading up to Derby, Louisville comes alive with galas, events and festivities. Let us help you look glam! We offer Special Occasion Makeup Application from our exclusive ZenSKYN Color Collection make-up line.

To better accommodate our clients during the week of Derby, we will be open Monday, May 2nd from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. We suggest booking early, as our schedule fills up quickly during Derby Season!