2017 Skincare Resolutions

Let’s make 2017 the Year of Healthy Skin!

Our Favorite Skincare Trends for 2017: 

  • Tailor Made Services –  At SKYN Lounge, our licensed estheticians are trained to identify your skin type and recommend a protocol that is as unique as your skin type! Add-ons like chemical peels, dermaplaning and LED Light Therapy help to further customize your experience.
  • Instantaneous Booking – We’re all in for the integration of wellnessand technology. Did you know that we book online? Try it today by following this link
  • Pollution Solution – Recent research has revealed the damaging effects that pollution and an excess of UVA/UVB exposure have on our skin. SkinCeuticals offers a pollution solution to all in the form of a daily dose of Vitamin C. You can find both of SkinCeuticals’ antioxidants –  C E Ferulic and Phloretin CF at SKYN Lounge!

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